The Power of Fasting

Fasting is a very powerful tool in your spiritual walk with God. Some of the apostles who accompanied Jesus tried to cast a demon out of someone, but could not. When Jesus rebuked and made the demon come out of the person, the apostles asked him "why could we not cast out the evil spirit?" [...]

The importance of Worship

I wanted to write about this because I felt like it is important for me to talk about. Many of us when we come to God we tend to only come to him for a prayer request. That seems to be the only form of prayer that we ever do. We usually only pray when [...]

The importance of Forgiveness

All of us on some level have been betrayed at one point of our lives. Betrayal can be a very painful thing to get over when it is someone that you loved, someone that you trusted, or when it is a family member. Today however I have a treat for you that will help you [...]

What’s it mean to be an Intercessor

The Intercessor is a person who is willing to stand in the gap for another person in prayer. It is a person who voluntarily decides to jump in the battle on behalf of one of god's people even if the battle is not their own battle. It is someone who will fight in the spirit [...]

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